#1 “How long have you been in this business?”
Sterling Professional Painters & Decorators have been in Business since 2002 and we have 16 years of experience, our work is on time, on budget and of the highest quality.

#2 “Does Sterling Professional Painters have a contracting license?”
As a homeowner, you’ll want to make sure that the Company you hire has a license to operate as a painting company and Sterling Professional Painters & Decorators has a licenced painting contract licence

#3 “Can I see your certificate of insurance?”
Sterling Professional Painters & Decorators have both WSIB workers compensation and $5,000,000 liability insurance specifically for painting Commercial and Residential properties both interior & exterior

#4 “What is your timeline for completion?”
Sterling Professional Painters & Decorators outline a clear picture on when the job will start and when the job will be completed.  This is outlined prior to the job starting.

#5 “What is the payment schedule?”
We will discuss payment terms before construction begins, and you will be aware of exactly how much is due and when, specific dates or based on completed stages of the project.  We except all methods of payment including cash, cheque, e-transfer, Visa, Mastercard & American Express

#6 “Will I have a dedicated team working on my job?”
Sterling Professional Painters verifies that you can count on consistency in who comes to work on your home each day.  You will have the same team working on your home each day.

#7 “How can I get in touch with you?”
The business owner is the point of contact and can be reached via phone call, text message or email and you can expect to hear back from Christine in a timely manner to address your concerns

#8 “What is your working day like?”
It’s important for both homeowners & contractors to know what to expect on the days before work begins, even if you don’t plan on being home while the work is being done.

  • We will provide you with an approximate start and end time for each day
  • We ask that the customer remove any items that are in or near work areas in preparation for painting
  • You can expect some dust & noise due to sanding & scraping the walls prior to painting
  • You do not need to be home when a key is provided

You should also advise us on key information about the project prior to your start date:

  • The parking situation in your neighborhood
  • Which restrooms, if any, are available for use
  • Where available power outlets are located
  • Who, if anyone, will be home during painting (including pets)

#9 “How will you clean up at the end of the day?”
We will make sure that an end of day clean-up is completed, whether the project lasts one day or spans several weeks. We will remove trash (and learn where it will be disposed of), pick up stray items like nails from floors and outdoor areas, and wipe down surfaces that have gotten dusty during painting at the end of every work day.

#10 “How and where will tools and materials be stored if the job spans multiple days?”
Part of keeping a clean, clutter-free workspace includes putting tools away. When we have a large amount of equipment & paint cans that we plan on storing in your home every evening, we will discuss where they will be kept and how they will be transported there. (You probably don’t want heavy items to be dragged across your hardwood floors on their way to the garage.)

#11 “What steps will you take to protect my property?”
Sterling Professional Painters & Decorators will take reasonable measures to protect your property as follows:

  • We will use tarps to cover large furniture items and surfaces in work areas
  • We will wear shoe coverings when we enter your home
  • We will recommend items that you should move to other areas of your home to protect them from damage
  • We will close or lock doors as necessary when entering and leaving your home

#12 “How will additional charges be dealt with?”
Home painting can be unpredictable at times, and once a project is underway, it’s possible that circumstances will arise that increase the estimated price that was originally offered. Sterling Professional Painters & Decorators make it clear that we won’t spend a penny over your agreed-upon budget without first gaining your approval.

#13 “Is there a warranty for your service or for the materials you’ll be using?”
It is important to know ahead of time what is covered and how long it will remain in effect. Sterling Professional Painters & Decorators offers a one year warranty on the workmanship from the date the painting was completed.  A walk around is completed at the end of the job to make sure the customer is satisfied with the quality of the work.

#14 “How do we resolve any disagreements?”
This is a crucial question because, unfortunately, mistakes and disagreements do sometimes occur despite the best intentions of the painting contractors and homeowners. We handle disputes by opening a dialogue to ensure that both parties are staying on top of the project, and are setting clear and reasonable expectations of how the project will go. At the end of the day, we want you to be completely happy with the job from start to finish so that you will want to recommend us to other potential clients.